Twilight Solutions can retrofit your existing landscape lighting fixtures with warm white LED lamps that are indistinguishable from the halogen white color you love.


To LED or Not LED, That is the question…

Twilight Solutions uses the best “drop in” LED retrofit lamps available on the market with manufacturer warranties of 3 years, 5 years and 6 years depending on the fixture style and your budget.  Why wait any longer to enjoy the 80% energy savings and maintenance-free function of the perfect color LED lamps? 

Don’t want to bother with the old fixtures? No problem.  Your Twilight Solutions design consultant will recommend the perfect integrated LED fixture replacements to achieve the desired effect for each area.  All Twilight Solutions-specified landscape lighting fixtures and low voltage transformers come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Architectural Lighting


If you’re ready to upgrade your old fixtures using a LED lighting retrofit service, contact Twilight Solutions today.

Landscape Outdoor Lighting

This is a description of the outdoor lighting installation shown in this photo.

Landscape Lighting

This is a description of the landscape lighting installation shown in this photo.

I have worked with Twilight Solutions for several years on many projects. They transformed my light landscaping in a very tasteful, economic way. Responsive and reliable. Nice owners and employees too.

Joseph D.

Twilight Solutions is an architectural lighting solutions company where science and art meet in the dark.

Twilight Solutions is a specialized lighting design-install company that provides custom lighting solutions for any outdoor space, utilizing classic and cutting edge technologies.