Landscape lighting systems require regular maintenance and occasional repair to continuously provide beauty and value to your property.



Properly maintained landscape lighting shines the brightest.

In order for your landscape lighting system to continue to operate at peak performance, you will need to make sure it is properly maintained. 

Your Twilight Solutions lighting system components generally carry manufacturer warranties from 5 to 15 years, but your design will cease to deliver its original beauty without some annual maintenance. 

In addition to seasonal wear and tear, we often identify repairs that are needed due to damage caused by landscape work, utility work or damage by the kids and pets. 

Your Twilight Solutions tech will have the necessary tools and materials to trace that cut underground wire or replace that broken fixture stake.  

All landscape lighting repair and maintenance will be done on an hourly time and material basis.   When you schedule a maintenance visit, your Twilight Solutions service tech will complete all of the following:

  • Re-lamp all fixtures with proper wattage and beam spread (if halogen)
  • Clean all fixture glass and re-lubricate all compression rings
  • Inspect fixture sockets for proper lamp contact
  • Straighten all path lights
  • Verify proper timer settings
  • Inspect GFCI receptacles that low-voltage transformers are plugged into
  • Re-position fixtures to accommodate landscape growth (if necessary)
  • Order replacement for any parts or fixtures that have been damaged or destroyed
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If you’re ready to learn more about properly maintaining your landscape lighting system, contact Twilight Solutions today.

Landscape Lighting Repair

This is a description of the landscape lighting repair and maintenance process shown in this photo.

Landscape Lighting

This is a description of the landscape lighting repair shown in this photo.

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