Landscape lighting installation requires a conscientious approach with finesse and detail when working in a completed landscape.



Landscape lighting starts with safety and planning.

Landscape lighting installation should follow the National Electric Code requirements and should only be done following a Diggers Hotline or JULIE underground locate of all utilities in the immediate work area.  In addition, it is mandatory for the client to locate or make contractor aware of any private electrical lines, propane lines, irrigation lines, invisible dog fences, etc in the immediate work area so that damage can be avoided.

Landscape lighting may often require a combination of line voltage and low voltage wiring to be direct buried and any splices, cable or conduit used in the process should be rated for such applications.  Some lighting installations may require the addition of conduit sleeves under sidewalks or driveways if none exist.  This can be done by hand or with the use of directional boring equipment if required.

Twilight Solutions installation teams are careful to not damage plant material or tree roots when trenching cable in turf and planting beds.  Our installation teams are also extremely careful not to compromise paver brick or stone surfaces when boring underneath, and no cutting or coring of hard surfaces will be done without the written consent of the client.

Landscape Lighting Placement and Power Options

Landscape lighting is not always installed in the ground or on the architecture.  At times a landscape lighting design may require the installation of special LED light fixtures, sometimes called “downlights” or “moonlights”, high up in nearby trees to help achieve lighting coverage of a specified area.  This effect can be one of many layers of light to create a comprehensive landscape lighting design.

Twilight Solutions landscape lighting installations will be switched or timed by a pre-determined approach with client.  This can be as simple as a digital astronomic time clock inside each transformer, or perhaps controlled by the client’s existing whole home lighting system.  Special app-based control systems can be designed, or at times a client may need a remote control based system.  All of these options will be explored and discussed with a Twilight Solutions lighting designer prior to the commencement of the landscape lighting installation.

Architectural Lighting


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Landscape Outdoor Lighting

This is a description of the outdoor lighting installation shown in this photo.

Landscape Lighting

This is a description of the landscape lighting installation shown in this photo.

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