Custom irrigation systems designed to best suits the needs of your home landscape.



Custom irrigation system installations that naturally flow with your property.

Twilight Solutions will design and install an irrigation system that best suits the needs of your home landscape.

Whether you are pumping water from the lake, from a well, or from your city hook up, we will design a system that best utilizes your available water pressure and is appropriately zoned to serve your turf, planting beds and flower pots.

Need an extra water spigot in the landscape or an auto-fill for your pond or water feature? No problem!

Need a rust treatment system to keep your well water from staining your house and hardscapes? We got you covered!

Our veteran installers are some of the best in Wisconsin, so you can be confident when you need a challenging solution or non-conventional approach, you are in the best hands.  Our systems utilize Hunter technology and components and are proudly powered by Wisconsin’s very own Pentair pumps.

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If you’re ready to learn more about keeping your property’s irrigation systems running their best, contact Twilight Solutions today.

Irrigation Repair

This is a description of the irrigation system repair and maintenance process shown in this photo.

Irrigation System Maintenance

This is a description of the irrigation system repair shown in this photo.

I have worked with Twilight Solutions for several years on many projects. They transformed my light landscaping in a very tasteful, economic way. Responsive and reliable. Nice owners and employees too.

Joseph D.

Twilight Solutions is an architectural lighting solutions company where science and art meet in the dark.

Twilight Solutions is a specialized lighting design-install company that provides custom lighting solutions for any outdoor space, utilizing classic and cutting edge technologies.