In 2006 Twilight Solutions created the first modular low voltage lighting system for seasonally installed lake docks and piers. Since then we have been installing our glare-free dark sky friendly dock lighting systems all over Wisconsin.


The system utilizes small white 2 watt fixtures mounted on existing thigh-height wooden posts along sides of pier walkways to create the perfect amount of beauty and security for your boat dock.  We install modular connections and junction boxes under the dock to make removal and installation simple every season.  Twilight Solutions also includes seasonal storage of your system at no additional charge.

Architectural Lighting


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Landscape Outdoor Lighting

This is a description of the outdoor lighting installation shown in this photo.

Landscape Lighting

This is a description of the landscape lighting installation shown in this photo.

I have worked with Twilight Solutions for several years on many projects. They transformed my light landscaping in a very tasteful, economic way. Responsive and reliable. Nice owners and employees too.

Joseph D.

Twilight Solutions is an architectural lighting solutions company where science and art meet in the dark.

Twilight Solutions is a specialized lighting design-install company that provides custom lighting solutions for any outdoor space, utilizing classic and cutting edge technologies.