Commercial outdoor lighting is rapidly changing as businesses look for an eye-catching edge over their competitors. How does your business stand out?



Putting LED lighting technology to work

Fixtures attached to commercial architecture can now be color-changing LED programmed to feature numerous color-themed events such as holidays and sporting events, or to restate specific colors of a business logo.

White light LED fixtures attached to commercial structures should be 3000K color temperature to keep stone, brick, block or sided facades looking aesthetically inviting.

Local lighting ordinances should be considered at all times to minimize glare and lighting trespass on adjacent properties.

Recessed lighting in soffits, wall packs, coach lights, sidewalk bollards and parking lot poles should all work in perfect concert to create the perfect balance of beauty and security.

Outlines of commercial structures can be shown with special white or color-changing products.

Prominent features like columns, vestibules and flag poles should always be included in the overall commercial outdoor lighting design.

Restaurants, breweries and cafes have a specific “marketing mandate” to create visual appeal with lighting.

Commercial Lighting Feature Options

Other lighting feature options are flame towers (flame tower image), decorative artistic light towers (Attraction Lights image), LED bistro lights and projector fixtures which are used to project patterns, messages or logos onto sidewalks or building facades.

Architectural Lighting


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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

This is a description of the outdoor lighting installation shown in this photo.

Commercial Lighting

This is a description of the commercial property lighting installation shown in this photo.

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